About the club

The Australian National University Mountaineering Club (ANUMC) is Canberra's largest and most active outdoor activities club. The ANUMC runs over 100 trips a year in a myriad of different activities. Whatever your outdoor passion and whatever your level, we probably cater for you.

The club runs entirely out of this website, so you'll need to login to get most of the content or join our mailing lists, and only paid members can join trips online, hire gear from the club gear store and stir up discussion in the forums. If you are not a member already check out the information on this site on how to join. Non members can go on trips for an additional cost of $10 per trip to try out the club, but members get priority.

All club trips are run by volunteers and any member can run a trip. Trips are not the same as commercially guided tours - participants take more responsibility for their own safety and enjoyment. The trip leader will organize the trip, coordinate equipment and transport and get people out there. After that, what you get out of it is up to you.