Subsidies for club members

The ANUMC supports its members getting out and gaining new skills and experiences.

The club provides a subsidy for club members participating in competitions relevant to club activities. To find out more about the subsidy and how you can claim it, view the competition funding page.

We also support club members attending training courses or similar activities to learn important technical and safety skills, which can then be passed on to other club members. View the training and skills fund page to find out what sorts of activities the club will fund and what you need to do to seek funding.

Also, the club loves seeing its members pushing the boundaries. As such, there is an annual expedition and adventure fund for trips that are more demanding or further afield than the club's usual trips. For example, mountaineering in New Zealand, or kayaking down the Franklin River in Tasmania. See the ANUMC expedition fund page to find out more about the expedition fund and examples of previous expeditions.