Membership categories


ANU Students. If you are a student (undergrad or postgrad, full or part time) of the ANU then you are automatically a member of the SRA (unless you choose to opt out) and you can join the ANUMC easily. It costs $40/year for students to join the Club. Just turn up to the gearstore with your valid student card.

ANU Employees. If you are an employee of the ANU (at least 50% of full time) you are eligible to join the SRA for $120/year. You can then join the club for a further $60/year. Just turn up to the gearstore with proof of SRA membership.

Graduates of the ANU & Other Universities. If you are a graduate of any tertiary institution recognised by the ANU (the vast majority), then you can join the SRA. Again it costs $120/year and you need to show proof of graduation. You can then join the club for a further $60/year. Just turn up to the gearstore with proof of SRA membership.

If you don't fit into any of these categories, you may qualify for...


Associate SRA Membership gives you the same rights as Full members except that you do not have voting rights and cannot hold executive positions in ANUSRA Clubs or nominate for the ANU Sport & Recreation Council.

SRA Associate Memberships are open to anyone who is:

the Domestic Partner of an Ordinary, Honorary Life or Honorary Coaching member of the Association; or
a person who lives in an ANU College or hall of residence; or
a person who in the opinion of the Sport and Recreation Council would make a significant contribution to the affairs of the Association, and is not eligible for admission as an ordinary member (for this membership category, contact the ANUMC President to discuss the ANUMC sponsoring you for this category); or
an official ANU visitor; or
a member of staff, employed more than fifty percent (50%) of full-time by an organisation other than the ANU, and whose place of employment is the University campus; or
A member of ANU staff not otherwise eligible for ordinary membership; or
A person, not eligible for admission as an ordinary member, who provides evidence to the Association of the equivalent of two years full time study at the ANU; or
A person enrolled in a course of study at a recognised tertiary institution other than the ANU.


If you're lucky, you might be able to avoid paying the full amount to join the SRA. There are a couple of possibilities.

Valued Club Affiliate Membership. The Club can nominate 5% of its members (about 15-20 people) to join the SRA as a Valued Club Affiliate. This is an great deal because it means you pay a greatly reduced fee to join the SRA (only $30 instead of the usual $120) and membership of the Club is free. In order to qualify for this you need to make a substantial contribution to the running of the Club. This typically applies to Committee members but if you are experienced and willing to lead lots of trips, then contact the President. With this type of membership you have no other rights within the SRA and can't join other Clubs or get discounts at the gym etc.

Honorary Coaching Membership. Two members of the Club are appointed each year by the Executive as Honorary Coaches. These lucky people get SRA and Club membership at no cost. To be eligible for this category you generally have to have contributed a lot to the Club over several years. Honourary Coaches can't vote in SRA or ANUMC elections and can't hold an executive position in either organisation. In all other respects they have the same rights as an ordinary member.


The current non-members policy was set at the Exec Meeting held on 30 November 2009.

  • Non-members are limited to attending two club trips before being required to join the club.
  • Non-members pay a trip fee of $15 (students) or $30 (non-students).
  • Charging the fee remains at the discretion of trip leaders.
  • Non-members get no priority - if there are Club members who want to go on a trip, they get preference.
  • Non-members are not able to hire gear from the gear store, nor are they covered by SRA insurance.

To put our membership fees into perspective, a guided trip down a popular Blue Mountains canyon will set you back anywhere between $150 and $245. In such a situation you are nothing more than a client, and your "wilderness experience" is a commercial one. On the other hand, joining one of the outdoors clubs like the ANUMC makes you a member of a community of bush lovers and you soon find yourself making many new friends with similar outdoors interests. For more info on joining the club click here.


If you have any further questions about membership of the ANUMC, please get in touch with the President.