Bushwalking Home

Bushwalking is about walking for fun in the bush, including on beaches, up mountains, through scrub, in the snow, over grasslands, through gorges, over sand dunes, and more! It’s one of the most popular and accessible activities organized by the Club. Bushwalking is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and experience.

The Club runs dozens of trips each year, ranging from short strolls up local hills like Black Mountain, to day walks, overnight walks, multi-day trips and month-long epics. Walking distances may be long or short and involve a variety of terrain ranging from well maintained walking tracks to thick scrub where navigation skills are essential.

Bushwalking is all about enjoying the pleasures of the bush, its beauty, its solitude and its challenges! It’s a great way to escape the pressures of work and study, make new friends and it’s one of the best ways for visitors to Australia to see the country. Sometimes bushwalking is about meeting the challenges of the outdoors, such as being cold, tired, wet, or hungry, but it is almost always an enjoyable (or at least memorable!) experience, and the stories of that epic trip seem to get better each time you tell them!

Canberra is a bushwalker’s paradise with over thirty national parks and nature reserves within a few hours drive of the city. Some of the places we regularly walk in include Namadgi, Kosciusko, Budawangs, Morton, Deua and Blue Mountains National Parks. These include a wide range of environments from coastal forests to snow capped mountains. We also venture further a field to places like the Warrumbungles, Nadgee-Croajingalong, the Flinders Ranges, Tasmania and New Zealand. In summer, bushwalks are often in places where swimming is an option, or in the high country where it’s not so hot. In winter, they may be above the snow line with the aid of snowshoes, or they can take advantage of the cooler weather to explore hot, dry regions that are more pleasant in summer.

So many amazing places can only be reached on foot...