Club trip hire rates

This rates are for club trips only. Private trips incur different rates.

All hire will incur a deposit (which is given below) regardless of whether or not it is for use on a club or private trip.<>

Rates for Personal Gear on Club Trips

Category Hire Rates Deposit

A $5 $20

B $10 $30

C $15 $50 ($100 for full trad climbing rack)

Gear Categories

Category Gear

A Bedroll, synthetic sleeping bag, rain jacket, tarp, cheap car camping tent, snow pro, ski poles only, Trangia

B Climbing kit (i.e. harness, belay device, helmet, and shoes), canyoning kit (harness, helmet and belay device), down sleeping bag, ice axe, ice hammer, standard tent, mountaineering boots, crampons, backpack, skis only, ski boots only, bike panniers, bike rack, bike lights, food dehydrator, bouldering mat

C Full ski rig, full mountaineering kit, snow shoes and poles, snow tents, avalanche transceivers, full climbing rack

Contribution for Group Gear on Club Trips

Trip type Charge (per person on the trip)

Canyoning (static ropes, slings etc) and Rock climbing (dynamic ropes, quickdraws, lead climbing protection) $5

The hire and deposit rate for personal gear on club trips is determined by the most expensive category of gear hired, e.g. sleeping bag only (cat A) would be $5 hire and $20 deposit, sleeping bag and climbing gear (cat B) would be $10 hire and $30 deposit, sleeping bag, climbing gear and ski gear (cat C) would be $15 hire and $50 deposit. The charge for group gear on climbing and canyoning trips is additional to the fee for any personal gear hired.