Gear store hire rules


  • Hire rates are set by the committee and will be posted on the wall of the gear store and published the web page. Separate rates apply for club trips and private trips.
  • A deposit must be paid when the gear is hired. It will be refunded when the gear is returned on time and in good condition, clean, dry and ready for use.
  • The hire and deposit rate for personal gear on club trips is determined by the most expensive category of gear hired, e.g. sleeping bag only (cat A) would be $5 hire and $15 deposit, sleeping bag and Trangia (cat B) would be $10 hire and $30 deposit, sleeping bag, Trangia and ski gear (cat C) would be $15 hire and $45 deposit.
  • Leaders of Club trips may hire items of group safety equipment for free including: EPIRB, GPS, radios, maps, compass, guidebooks, whistle, water purifier, or snow shovel.
  • As a bonus for trip leaders, they may hire their own personal gear free of charge (a deposit is still due).
  • The charge for group gear on club canyoning and climbing trips ($5 per person) is intended to partially cover the cost of ropes, slings and climbing protection, and is additional to any hire charge due for personal gear on the trip. This charge is waived for trip participants who provide their own ropes that are used by trip participants. Trip leaders should collect the money from participants, either at the pretrip meeting or on the trip, then pay it to the gear store.
  • The hire rate and deposit for private trips are determined by adding the cost of the individual items, with a cap of $50 being applied for weekly private hire fees, and a cap of $100 for deposits.
  • Gear can be hired for an extended period during semester breaks, the summer break, and at other times if the gear officer believes the gear will not be in demand for Club trips.
  • The gear hire rate for extended period loans will be 3/4 of the normal rate.
  • At the discretion of the gear officer the hire rate for extended period loans can be reduced if the gear is only to be used for part of the time it needs to be hired for. In this case the deposit will not normally be reduced.


  • Gear is available on a first-come first-served basis. Only organisers of club trips may pre-book gear.
  • Club trips have priority over private use.
  • A member may hire gear for only one other person, and then only if the other person is not a member of the SRA. Priority for gear hire will be given to club members on club trips, then club members going on private trips, and then non-club members. For any hire to non-members, the private hire rate will apply for both club and private trips. The club member hiring the gear on behalf of the non-member takes responsibility for the gear.
  • Gear is normally hired out on Thursdays except when gear is issued at pre-trip meetings. All gear must be returned on Tuesdays. People returning gear on Thursday instead of Tuesday will lose their deposit if the gear has been in demand before they return it..
  • People who fail to return gear by Thursday will lose their deposit and be charged a double hire fee for each additional week or part thereof.
  • Gear more than three weeks overdue will be considered stolen. The hirer risks losing their Sports Union membership and having police action instigated.
  • No one, including Club officials, is to borrow gear that is in high demand for an extended period, without the approval of the committee.


  • The responsibility for the care and return of gear lies with the person who signs it out. If you are unsure how to use an item ask a gear officer for assistance before leaving, ignorance will be no excuse for damage.

  • People who return wet tents or sleeping bags and do not inform the gear officer of this fact will have their borrowing privileges automatically suspended until the committee reinstates them.
  • Any damage to gear must be reported to a gear officer, if a person finds gear to be damaged before use a gear officer must be informed before the trip begins or the damage will be attributed to the person who hired it.
  • Gear must be returned in good condition, clean, dry, and ready for use.
  • Plastic ground sheets for the tents must always be used.
  • Boots are to be returned clean, dry and snowsealed. There is a tin of Snowseal wax in the gear store and people will be required to snowseal the boots before they receive their deposit.