Corang, Canowie and Cascades

Corang, Canowie and Cascades
Morton National Park
13-15 February 2010

Steve L
David P
Jess F-S
Felicity S L

After a wet but fun first day's walk via Corang Peak and Corang Arch to Burrumbeet Brook, on Valentine's Day we continued our circuit via the Corang River. Although streams were obviously swollen, our route remained passable until our luck finally ran out at Goodsell Creek, tantalisingly close to closing our circuit. This normally tiny creek, with a catchment extending at most just 3km upstream, was wide, waist-deep and so fast that standing up even while holding onto a tree was difficult.

After considering our options, we decided to return the way we came, finally exiting the walk on Monday afternoon, a day later than planned. The ANUMC safety contact system worked effectively during this time, with the trip's safety contact back in Canberra handling phone calls from concerned friends. We were able to send an SMS to her on Monday morning, but in any case we were out before the trip's designated emergency time of 6PM Monday.

To the participants' credit, everyone remained in good spirits throughout this unplanned extension, and we had plenty of emergency food (a timely reminder to always pack this!), so the trip remained enjoyable to the end. Indeed, our overriding feeling was gratitude at the excuse to spend an extra day in the beautiful Budawangs!

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Steve Lade