How do you poo(p)?

With the arrival of the 2011 ski season, we think that it is time to remind ANUMC members of appropriate toileting procedure in Alpine environments. Due to snow depth and frozen ground, it is not possible to bury your waste, thus it needs to be carried out. There are a number of options for this, and we want to find the best!

Introducing the 2011 Poop Tube Competition!

Design and build your very own poop tube (personal or communal) that follows the guidelines below and bring it to the gear store for judging. Prizes will go to the most creative, practical and environmentally friendly poop tubes. There are plenty of ideas on the net, so get googling.

Competition closes on Thursday the 7th of July at 6:30pm.

1. Poop tube must be reusable.
2. Must be hygenic.
3. Contents must be able to disposed of in a pit toilet (ie. cannot place contents in a plastic bag)
4. Concept designs can be ok (i.e. if you cannot get hold of cornstarch bags).
5. Must include instructions...the funnier the better.
6. Must be hung on the rope in the gear store by July 7.

The gear store will have a supply of cornstarch bags for purchase in the coming weeks.