A Tribute to Lincoln Hall- Peter Cocker (for the ANUMC 1978 Dunagiri Expedition)


On behalf of the members of the 1978 ANUMC Dunagiri Expedition, I would like to convey our deep regret that we have lost our first expedition member, Lincoln Hall.

Since that first trip to the Himalayas, many of us have had close calls in the mountains, this especially can be said of Lincoln. None of us would ever have anticipated that Lincoln would die with his boots off!

In 1975, the ANUMC decided to do something about getting an Australian onto the summit of Mt Everest.

In 1978 the first stepping stone was the ANUMC Dunagiri Expedition. This was probably one of the most inexperienced teams to ever attempt a serious Himalayan mountain.

Two members stood out, Tim McCartney-Snape, and Linc.
They were already an exceptional team, with formidable ascents in New Zealand.

On Dunagiri, in a last minute dash, they set off on a lightweight attempt to reach the summit. Such an attempt is termed ill fated if it ends in disaster and, if it succeeds, it is termed ‘audacious’.

The cheers that rocked base camp as they left their bivvy at 20,000 feet and struck out for the summit, were deafening - crazily audacious!

Over the next few years, the 1978 expeditioners shared in Linc and Tim’s successes. We had a bond and their successes filled us with a personal pride.

In 1984, Linc took part in the Australian expedition that made the first ascent of the Great Couloir on the north side of Mt Everest. Two Australians reached the summit. Linc was unable to make the top, but this enabled him to give, vital assistance to his friend Greg Mortimer. Greg states that Lincoln saved his life.

In 2006, Lincoln scared the hell out of us, then it all turned to sheer joy! More cheers for Linc. And we are also happy that he finally got there, to the top of the world.

Lincoln is the best person I can think of to have with you in a tight spot. I never saw him unnerved. He was always cool and could never resist coming out with one of his puns. I called him ‘cool handed Linc’. He liked that. He called me, (in public), 'hot cock’!

On behalf of the Expeditioners, I would like to say to Barbara, Dylan and Dorje, that we are so sorry for your loss and that you can call on us at any time, if you need help.

Peter Cocker
The ANUMC 1978 Dunagiri Expedition.