The Axe 2013

This year, Lauren Bartsch joins the ANUMC Hall of Fame.

This incredibly motivated lady first joined the club around 2008. She came with a love for hiking and an obsession with pink, and soon grabbed onto every activity in the club to became one of our most skilled members. In addition to this, she demonstrated an almost super-human level of motivation on the committee: She’s edited The EPIC, been the social officer and Vice President, and one of the club’s longest serving Presidents with three successful years at the helm.

There is no denying the legacy that Lauren will leave in the club: a greater emphasis on training and competition funding within the club, as well as the hugely popular Bluies Weekend, the Coast weekend, and the brief annual foray into resort skiing where the club hires an entire bus to go to Thredbo.

I’m sure that all here will join me in agreeing that Lauren Bartsch is a most deserving recipient of the Ice Axe, and a very fitting addition to the ANUMC hall of fame.