ANUMC 2014 printed calendar

As we have done over the past few years, a calendar is being produced for 2014 using the lovely photos from this year's AGM photo competition plus a few extra pics from here and there, all contributed by some of our very talented photographers who are members of the club. Sample images of the mock-up plus examples of an autumn, winter and spring month are available on Flickr (see the link below). Dates include public holidays in the ACT and also list a few of the club's key trips for earlier in the year.

We are taking pre-orders so that we can print just enough calendars for those who want them, and not end up with a bunch of spares left over. The cost of printing is yet to be determined, but should be around $20 dollars per copy. Once we have a firm number of pre-orders then I should be able to provide a more accurate quote of the cost to those who have pre-ordered just in case anyone needs to change or cancel their order. We are aiming to have them ready to be paid for and handed over at the end of year BBQ on at 7:00pm Tuesday 10 December. To help meet this deadline, please get in touch by email before the end of this Thursday 28 November so I can chase down some quotes on Friday.

So, in summary:

  • Check out the sample images here:
  • Decide how many copies you'd like at ~$20 ea.
  • Email me* with your pre-order by this Thursday midnight — money will only be required when they're delivered
  • Also in the email, let me know if you are NOT attending the BBQ to arrange to collect and pay for your order at some other time/place (e.g. the gear store)

* to send an email via the website just click on my name at the top of this post and use the contact form.