Membership prices reduced

Club memberships are now reduced to reflect the reduced time until the end of the membership year. From now until 1 February 2014, club fees will be as follows:

Students: $20
SRA members: $30

2013 memberships

The 2013 membership year started on 1 February. New membership will last until 28 February 2014.

For 2013, membership will cost $40 for students and $60 for non-students.
More details on how to join the club are on the membership page.

And the Axe goes to...

Congratulations goes to Alana Wilkes who was awarded the ANUMC 'Axe', Hall of Fame at the 2012 Annual General Meeting and Awards Night.
Alana has been a member of the club since 2008 and has been the club's outstanding Secretary since 2009.

Alana started out as a bushwalker, but has since mastered the art of rolling a kayak, conquered the climbing wall (and the Castle), and donned skis on many occasions.

Alana has made an enthusiastic contribution across all club activities, has been tireless in her promotion of the club to new members and encouraging beginners. She has shown regular and longstanding leadership of weekly activities and club trips. She has exhibited inexhaustible patience and good humour and has many years of stellar service on our committee. Most of all, she has completed all of these activities with her ever present cheerful smile.

Alana was elected as Secretary for 2013 and we look forward to having her in the club for many years to come.

2012 President's and Treasurer's Reports now available

The 2012 President's and Treasurer's Reports are now available at the links below. Lauren and David will be presenting these briefly at our Annual Awards Night and AGM next Wednesday ( - hope to see you there!

ANUMC 2013 Expedition Fund

Applications for the ANUMC 2013 Expedition fund are now open.

The ANUMC Expedition fund hopes to inspire, excite and support adventurers to realise their dreams. The successful application will receive up to $5000 towards making their expedition not just a dream but a reality. This year, the ANUMC Executive will be able to offer more than one fund (totalling no more than $5000).

See the attached document for the application criteria. For more information about the Fund, see

Applications are to be sent to the Executive by 12:00pm on Monday 15 of October. The successful application will be announced at the 2012 AGM.

Club memberships reduced

Club memberships are now reduced. From now until Feb 1 2013, club fees will be as follows:

Students: $20
SRA members: $30

New gear hire rates from 1 June.

Gear hire rates will be changing soon. Check out the new rates for club trips and private trips. While the rates are increasing, remember that rates haven't increased since 2006 and club gear hire is still much cheaper than commercial hire rates. These increased rates will provide more money for gear maintenance and buying new gear.

A Tribute to Lincoln Hall- Peter Cocker (for the ANUMC 1978 Dunagiri Expedition)


On behalf of the members of the 1978 ANUMC Dunagiri Expedition, I would like to convey our deep regret that we have lost our first expedition member, Lincoln Hall.

Since that first trip to the Himalayas, many of us have had close calls in the mountains, this especially can be said of Lincoln. None of us would ever have anticipated that Lincoln would die with his boots off!

In 1975, the ANUMC decided to do something about getting an Australian onto the summit of Mt Everest.

In 1978 the first stepping stone was the ANUMC Dunagiri Expedition. This was probably one of the most inexperienced teams to ever attempt a serious Himalayan mountain.

Two members stood out, Tim McCartney-Snape, and Linc.
They were already an exceptional team, with formidable ascents in New Zealand.

On Dunagiri, in a last minute dash, they set off on a lightweight attempt to reach the summit. Such an attempt is termed ill fated if it ends in disaster and, if it succeeds, it is termed ‘audacious’.

The cheers that rocked base camp as they left their bivvy at 20,000 feet and struck out for the summit, were deafening - crazily audacious!

Over the next few years, the 1978 expeditioners shared in Linc and Tim’s successes. We had a bond and their successes filled us with a personal pride.

In 1984, Linc took part in the Australian expedition that made the first ascent of the Great Couloir on the north side of Mt Everest. Two Australians reached the summit. Linc was unable to make the top, but this enabled him to give, vital assistance to his friend Greg Mortimer. Greg states that Lincoln saved his life.

In 2006, Lincoln scared the hell out of us, then it all turned to sheer joy! More cheers for Linc. And we are also happy that he finally got there, to the top of the world.

Lincoln is the best person I can think of to have with you in a tight spot. I never saw him unnerved. He was always cool and could never resist coming out with one of his puns. I called him ‘cool handed Linc’. He liked that. He called me, (in public), 'hot cock’!

On behalf of the Expeditioners, I would like to say to Barbara, Dylan and Dorje, that we are so sorry for your loss and that you can call on us at any time, if you need help.

Peter Cocker
The ANUMC 1978 Dunagiri Expedition.

Vale Lincoln Hall

Lincoln was the finest of outdoorsmen and adventurers, a generous and charming man, a talented author, a philanthropist, and a loving father. He was a friend to all who knew him and the preeminent alumni of the Australian National University Mountaineering Club.

Lincoln was a Canberra boy. He grew up in Red Hill and went to Telopea Park High, he studied Zoology at the ANU. He learned to climb at Booroomba Rocks (where he did first ascents of crag classics like the Eiger Direct), developed his ice climbing skills at Blue Lake and trained by traversing the walls of ANU buildings. He was one of us.

Lincoln had his real start with mountaineering when he participated in Club expeditions to New Zealand from 1975 to 1978. This culminated in the 1978 ANUMC expedition to the Himalayan peak Dunagiri (7066m) where Lincoln played a pivotal role in the Summit push and lost his first toes to frostbite. Lincoln was helicoptered off the mountain by Indian authorities but never received the bill - until it finally arrived with the Club in 1996, much to our bemusement.

After Dunagiri, Lincoln's mountaineering career went from strength to strength as he participated in and lead numerous climbing adventures around the world. Amongst these were two expeditions to climb Everest (including the first Australian expedition in 1984); the first ascent of Mt Minto Antarctica (1998) and ascents of other notable peaks including Annapurna II (7963m), Makalu (8481m) and the Carstensz Pyramid in Irian Jaya. He was most well known for his miraculous survival after his ascent of Mt Everest in 2006 when he was left for dead near the summit and he survived the night, returning without his fingers and toes but with his wit, intelligence and humanity intact. He wrote numerous books, was a founding member of the philanthropic organisation the Australian Himalayan Foundation and was a remarkable speaker, sharing his inspiring experiences with audiences around the world.

But all this is of secondary importance. Lincoln was first and foremost a remarkable human being. He had a natural generosity, humour and friendliness that made him welcome wherever he went. A common thread through many of Lincoln's expeditions was that he put his companions before himself, ensuring their safety rather than risking all for a fleeting foot on the summit. I remember contacting him in 1996 to ask if he would help us celebrate the ANUMC's 30th birthday. He could not have been more delighted than to come and share stories with likeminded outdoors folks, many of whom shared his passion for wild places and love of adventure. He even returned an ice screw to the gearstore that was, um, a little overdue. Over the years Lincoln has returned to the Club many times and always considered us to be family.

Now we have lost a remarkable member of our family, but every time we venture into the outdoors, his memory will inspire us to explore new places and to look to our companions for strength. Think of him when you walk in the Blue Mountains, when you climb at Booroomba or when you ski on the main range.

Lincoln is survived by his wife and two children. The Club is sending our condolences to the family.

My thanks to a variety of internet sources in hastily putting this together: most notably articles by Zac Zaharias and Will Steffen. There are many more qualified to write about Lincoln but I have done my best - any errors are mine.

Duncan McIntyre
ANUMC President, 1996

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