2012 membership year starts today

The 2012 membership year starts today (1 February). Existing members - your 2011 membership lasts until the end of the month, so please renew your membership sometime this month to keep it current. New members - you can join anytime from today onwards and your membership will last until 28 February 2013.

For 2012, membership will cost $40 for students, or join for just $30 by signing up at Market Day (15 February) or the Welcome BBQ (22 February). For everyone else, membership will cost $60.

More details on how to join the club are here - http://anumc.anu.edu.au/about_the_club/membership

Don't forget your proof of SRA membership.

New Driver Reimbursement Rates

As of January 2012, driver reimbursement rates have been increased by 5c/km for each category, and are now 25c/km for a small car, 30c/km for a medium car and 35c/km for a large car.

These rates seek to ensure drivers are properly compensated for fuel as well as wear and tear. Note that the rates are a guidelines only, leaders are free to calculate different amounts by agreement with drivers and trip participants.

Further details on the club's driver reimbursement guidelies are at http://anumc.anu.edu.au/about_the_club/trips/leading/driver_reimbursment

...and the ice axe goes to...

Congratulations to Dave Boland who was awarded the Ice Axe award last night for making an Outstanding Contribution to the club.

Other award winners were:

Trip Leader of the Year- Pau King
Up and coming Trip Leader- Phil Lengel
Beginner of the Year- Mel Millard
Contribution to Skills Development- Jansosch Hoffman
Outstanding Service to the Club- David and Finnian Lattimore

Other informal awards are attached to this news item.

2011 President's report and Treasurer's report

The 2011 President's and Treasurer's reports are now available. Please see the attachments to this news item.

ANUMC Annual Awards Night 27 Oct / calling award nominations, photo comp entries and nominations for 2012 exec!

The 2011 ANUMC Annual Awards Night (and AGM) is coming up! Please sign up if you're coming along (for catering purposes) at http://anumc.anu.edu.au/node/2815

The awards night will be held on Thursday 27 October at the Graduate Lounge (University House), from 5.30pm for a 6pm start. There will be free finger food and drinks can be purchased at the bar.

Throughout the evening, we'll present the 2012 Expedition Fund, a range of awards and judge the best photos of the year.

In advance of the awards night, we are seeking:

- applications for the 2012 Expedition Fund (see item below; due Monday 17 Oct)

- nominations for awards including ANUMC Hall of Fame ('The Axe' - for outstanding service to the club), Trip Leader of the Year, Up and Coming Trip Leader of the Year, Beginner of the Year and many silly awards (due Monday 17 Oct)

- entries for the photo competition (due Monday 17 Oct) - categories include Club Personality, Action, Landscape and Flora & Fauna - limit one photo per person per category

- nominations for the 2012 executive - President; Vice President (and trip convenor); Treasurer; Secretary; Social Officer; and General Officers x 2. A description of the duties for each of these positions is at http://anumc.anu.edu.au/about_the_club/club_structure/executive_position... We are particulrly keen to see some student nominations, so don't be shy!

Expedition Fund 2012 applications are now open

Applications for the ANUMC 2012 Expedition fund are now open.

The ANUMC Expedition fund hopes to inspire, excite and support adventurers to realise their dreams. The successful application will receive $2000 towards making their expedition not just a dream but a reality.

See the attached document for the application criteria. For more information about the Fund, see http://anumc.anu.edu.au/about_the_club/expedition_fund.

Applications are to be sent to the executive by 5pm on Monday 17 of October. The successful application will be announced at the 2011 AGM.

Club snow weekend- Last weekend in August

Don't miss this all-club social weekend to celebrate the snow season! Activities will include easy skiing, more advanced skiing, snowshoeing and even backcountry snowboarding. We will be snow-camping but not far from the ski resort so you don't have to carry things very far.

Highlights will include a snow-camping gourmet dinner, and the obligatory club ski/snowshoe racing competition. Expert skiers will be handicapped to beginners by racing "three-legged" style.

The club snow weekend will be held on the last weekend of August, so make sure that you sign up, and sign up to trips as they become listed!

See you there!

How do you poo(p)?

With the arrival of the 2011 ski season, we think that it is time to remind ANUMC members of appropriate toileting procedure in Alpine environments. Due to snow depth and frozen ground, it is not possible to bury your waste, thus it needs to be carried out. There are a number of options for this, and we want to find the best!

Introducing the 2011 Poop Tube Competition!

Design and build your very own poop tube (personal or communal) that follows the guidelines below and bring it to the gear store for judging. Prizes will go to the most creative, practical and environmentally friendly poop tubes. There are plenty of ideas on the net, so get googling.

Competition closes on Thursday the 7th of July at 6:30pm.

1. Poop tube must be reusable.
2. Must be hygenic.
3. Contents must be able to disposed of in a pit toilet (ie. cannot place contents in a plastic bag)
4. Concept designs can be ok (i.e. if you cannot get hold of cornstarch bags).
5. Must include instructions...the funnier the better.
6. Must be hung on the rope in the gear store by July 7.

The gear store will have a supply of cornstarch bags for purchase in the coming weeks.

ANUMC Awarded SRA 'Club of the Year 2010'!

Last night at the annual ANU Sport and Recreation Association Blues Awards, the ANU Mountaineering Club was presented with 'Club of the Year 2010' for outstanding service to members.

Congratulations to everyone who made 2010 such a great year for the ANUMC, and let's continue on with the same passion, enthusiam and excitement in 2011.

2011 Memberships

The 2011 Membership year has commenced (2010 memberships expire at the end of February).

For details on how to join the club, please click here

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