Weekly Climbing

The ANU has two indoor climbing walls - the inclined "new" wall with coloured grips and the "old" wall with embedded rock grips. They are located in the main sports hall in the ANU gym (see map).


Before climbing at the ANU wall you must 1. be a club member and 2. get a belay pass. Belay courses are run every now and then by the climbing wall officers. *NOTE* You must wear both your ANUMC membership card and belay pass on your harness when using the wall, and to sign in at the SRA reception (get a stamp).

All climbers must have a belay pass before climbing, and only after paying the climbing wall levy.
Belay courses cost $15 and must be paid prior to the course at the ANU Sport front desk
Belay courses will only be delivered to current ANUMC members unless prior arrangement is made with the ANUMC Executive.
You can sign up on the trip calendar for belay courses when they're available. If there aren't any courses scheduled, beginner climbers are advised to wait — courses will be run at least twice per month, with more in the earlier part of the year to accommodate the influx of new members. For experienced climbers, please refer to the information below.

All beginner climbers must complete a Belay course.
All participants must sign up to a belay course on the Trip Calendar.
Belay courses will consist of two sessions (sometimes run concurrently) and it is strongly encouraged that beginners attend both the belay course and the climbing skills sessions.
Belay courses will only be run during morning and lunchtime climbing sessions, or at other times per the trip calendar.
After doing your belay course, you will receive a belay pass (blue) authorised by a climbing wall officer.

Experienced climbers (experienced in the use of a gri gri) may request a belay pass from Climbing Wall Officers during peak session, or attend an Experienced Climbers belay course, or a Beginner’s course.

Belay passes from other climbing gyms are no substitute, sorry.

After the belay course, climbers will need to have both their membership card (blue) and belay card (orange) displayed on your harness in order to use the wall. There are protective card-sized sleeves, hole punches and rubber bands at the climbing wall and gear store to assist in protecting the cards and securing them to your harness.

You must sign in at the ANU Sport front desk every time you climb. They will scan your ANU Sport card, check your ANUMC card, and give you a stamp on your hand. Our allocation of free climbing time depends on everybody signing in and ANU Sport may ban you from the wall if they find you are not stamping in.

Club Climbing Times

5:00-9:00pm (Peak hours 5:30-8:00pm)
5:00-9:00pm (Peak hours 5:30-8:00pm)

The ANUMC runs two weekly indoor climbing nights (ie, Peak hours), which are free for members. These sessions are great for meeting and socializing with other climbers, keeping fit and learning new skills and techniques.

You don't need a climbing partner to climb on club nights. Although some people arrange to climb with the same friend or friends every time they come, most of us just show up and climb with whomever is around. You shouldn't have any trouble finding someone to climb with.

The club has some harnesses, carabiners and shoes that can be borrowed on club nights by members free of charge. Ask the on-duty wall officer if you want to borrow one. The names and pictures of wall officers can be found on the bulletin board next to the new climbing wall.

Climbers who have their own harness and a belay pass, can climb at the above "off-peak" times. In general there are no wall officers present at these sessions, so you are expected to behave responsibly and leave the wall in a tidy state. You may also need to unhook and setup the ropes yourself - if you're not sure how to do this ask a wall officer on a club night.

When climbing at off-peak times it is especially important that you sign in at the SRA front desk, and show your belay pass.

If you have any questions or need help ask the Climbing Wall officers.