Weekly Running

** Note: I left the ANU a few months ago and therefore cannot organise the running group. If you are interested in running, maybe contact the current rogaining officer, or perhaps even consider organising it for the club! **

We organise a weekly cross running group open for everyone. We leave at

6:30pm (during summer) on Thursdays from the SRA

(front of the sports union, where the big concrete balls are). It's a great opportunity to increase general fitness, meet other runners, be social, and maybe organise the next rogaining or adventure race team.

Typically we run for about 40-50 minutes, often on flat bits along the lake. In general, being a social running group, the pace is adjusted to suit whoever shows up. Depending on demand, it is possible to cater for beginners with a relaxed 2-3km run at the start. Intermediate and experienced runners can then take off on a second lap for 40-50 minutes.

Usual routes take us along the lake, around the Black Mountain nature park and the fire roads within reach of the ANU. The tracks are partially paved, partially gravel, but usually good to run on. In winter it may be necessary to bring a head torch. In winter we start a bit earlier to avoid total darkness, so check back on this page for details.

If you would like to stay informed, join the running group mailing list (click on "Mailing lists" in the menu on the left - you need to be logged in to do that).